Hot, wet and juicy – the kind of fuck I was getting so hungry for! Guys, your SOs will be so grateful you’ve read this post.

Hi guys! Those of you who read me on a regular basis know that I am open about my sex life. Like, very open. Will-tell-everything-whether-asked-or-not kind of open. That’s why I didn’t hesitate a second to share this latest experience with you. If you don’t mind my blabbering about sex toys and an occasional dic pic, why would you mind discussing sex problems, right?

So, here is the thing. Matt and I were having, erm, difficulties in bed lately. I say “difficulties” although they were more like full-fledged problems. And I say “lately” though they lasted for months.

Don’t get me wrong, his sex drive was fine. But no matter what I did – giving LOTS of head, fiddling with his dick until my fingers go numb, feeding him aphrodisiacs for god’s sake – his dick remained limp and lifeless. Not even an occasional morning wood. Every tried playing pool with a rope? In the unlikely event you have, you know the feeling.

We looked for a solution together (yeah, just about time I was writing about sex toys on my blog, my own sex life was far from perfect. Oh, the irony!). Matt visited a doctor, took some pills (Viagra included), did some weird things to his dick (don’t make me describe it) and all we got was a minute of lackluster fuck. We both were careful not to scare off his erection, imagine how exciting that kind of sex was.

And just when I was about to give up...

Just like anybody else (okay, okay, probably not anybody, but lots of people), I have a friend who does porn. Professionally. For obvious reasons she was the one I confessed to about our bedroom problems. She also became the one to solve it. It turned out we were knocking on the wrong door. Guys who fuck women on camera for money (I am talking about male porn stars, not perverts) know ALL about getting their dicks to work. They’re using some kind of mixture for that, which is reasonable because they’d be screwed using Viagra every day, so they resort to natural solutions.

The porn friend told me there were a few of the most commonly used ones, but she personally recommended AlphaMan Pro. She said it was relatively new, but has already won the hearts (or dicks?) of all the guys she’s been working with.

The moment she left I started Googling and found the website of the product. They had a free trial option and didn’t ask for a prescription – perfect!

And have YOU ever had sex for 5 hours straight?

Frankly, I was skeptical. There is too much shit that doesn’t work, why should this one be any different? But I was desperate, too. Matt was about to snap and give up on it entirely.

Anyway, the bottle arrived (charged for shipping and handling only, just as promised) and I made him try it before bed. Just a little pill – it could do no harm, could it?

Matt lied down for half an hour trying to figure out what was happening inside. Then he climbed on me and didn’t get off until morning. Yes, this was my first time binge-fucking (is this even a word?) for five hours straight. Hot, wet and juicy – the kind of fuck I was craving for. He came two times (I stopped counting my orgasms after the third one), but was ready to continue in like fifteen minutes.

Do I recommend this product? Hell yes! The best part is, after a while his performance started to improve even without the magic pill, so I assume it can cure whatever it is that damages your erection. And the price? I would never have thought freakishly amazing sex costs that little.

Now, guys. I am not saying everyone needs it. All I am saying is if you have the erection problem, AlphaMan Pro is a solution I’ve tried and benefitted from myself. Make sure to put it on your list.

Will try to be back soon with you guys. Can’t promise though – I am having way too much sex now to make up for the time we’ve lost.


Jane K. I actually ordered this thing for my husband a while ago. The same result, we fucked all night long and haven’t had a single sex problem ever since. Never thought an OTC supplement can be so effective.

BBKing Is the free trial still on? I’d like to try but not ready to spend much on it. A free bottle would be perfect.

Gingeridel Yes, to my knowledge the free trial option is still on, but I can assure you that it is worth every cent you pay for it.

Leila Gee, Loreen. I could never tell you were having difficulties. You always seem so much into each other! I’m glad you figured it out.

Cristland Read your post and ordered a bottle right away. This is how much I trust your authority in sex matters hahaha!


Flattered. Hope it works just as well for you as it did for us.

HockeyRob Yeah, I have heard about it too! And guess what – it was a porn friend who told me.

Eileen Cowperwood I admire how freely you share such things. Would feel soooo embarrassed talking about it even to my own fiancée.

Gingeridel Don’t be. It is your life and your satisfaction. If your partner is having difficulties you should work on this together. Always share – I believe this is the key to any lasting relationship.

Margaret F. My husband is half-way through his second bottle and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for the recommendation so much.

Johnny D. A great post and funny, too! Don’t we all have friends in porn, even though we might think they’re in “pharmaceutical sales” or “e-commerce”. LOL

KKK I would sign under your every word. AlphaMan Pro is perfect for those who can’t get their dicks to work. Used it for only a few weeks, but the effect was incredible.

John Finnegan Kind of getting tired of wanting to fuck all the time. Any suggestions? I used AlphaMan too although not on your recommendation.

Gingeridel I think reducing the dosage should do the trick. If you are taking it regularly, take less. If you use it right before sex, try going without it. Maybe you are already cured and ready to have sex without any auxiliary means. Anyways, if it continues go see a doctor.

Ariel I love what it did to my husband. Honestly, it’s like I have never met this man before! Sex every night and he doesn’t seem tired of it at all.